Buffalo View Farm

Latitude:  36.8383 N
Longitude:  -80.4537 W
Elevation: 3,063 Feet 

This Farm Is For Sale!
Perfect For Weather Watching,
Astronomy, and  Amateur Radio
FAA Application Process For Installing
 An Airstrip Has been completed!

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Buffalo Mountain

Willis, Floyd County, Virginia

APRSWXNET/Amateur Radio Callsign AK4AT

NWS/MADIS Station Number AT768

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Weather Underground Station KVAWILLI9
Current Weather 
Recorded at: 
  8:53pm 06/22/15   Eastern Time 
Current Wind
                  DirectionCurrent Wind

Current Outside
                    TemperatureCurrent Outside HumidityCurrent BarometerCurrent Rain Rate

Current Outside
                    Wind ChillCurrent THW
                    Outside Heat Index

Today's RainStorm Rain TotalMonthly Total RainYearly Total Rain
All Readings Updated Every 10 Minutes
 73.2 F 
 80 %  
 66.7 F 
 WSW at 0.0 mph 
 30.250 in. 
 & Rising Slowly 
Today's Rain
 0.01 in. 
Rain Rate
 0.00 in/hr 
Storm Total
 0.00 in. 
Monthly Rain
 3.07 in. 
Yearly Rain
 9.76 in. 
Wind Chill
 73.2 F 
THW Index
 75.0 F 
Heat Index
 75.0 F 
Today's Highs/Lows
High Temperature
Low Temperature
 82.0 F  at  4:59p 
 63.2 F   at  6:30a 
High Humidity
Low Humidity
 98 %    at  6:55a 
 59 %    at  5:08p 
High Dewpoint
Low Dewpoint
 71.0 F   at  3:20p 
 62.0 F   at  6:00a 
High Wind Speed
 14.0 mph   at 12:54a 
High Barometer
Low Barometer
 30.275 in.   at  2:59p 
 30.171 in.   at  1:44a 
High Rain Rate
 0.01 in/hr   at 12:00p 
Low Wind Chill
 63.0 F   at  6:04a 
High Heat Index
 86.0 F   at  4:12p 

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